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Child Eligibility

Children who meet the following criteria  are eligible for the Agape Lounge Program.

If you think your child may not qualify, but 
still wish to seek eligibility, please feel free 
to email us.

Children must live within a .5 radius of our location.

Children must be between the ages of 11 to 18.

Child must be present at intake appointment with guardian .

Children must follow CDC guidelines at all times.

Child Eligibility

Hours & Operations

Eligible children ages 11-18 can utilize the facility, year-round and take part in programming 5 days a week.

This excludes major holidays & inclement weather.

Mission & Vision
Our mission is to provide a safe space where youth can develop self-advocacy, leadership and life skills that will enable healthy decision making and meaningful community engagement. We pride ourselves in providing a nurturing environment that inspires creativity and empowers young people in our community to reach their full potential.

September 8 - June 21

Monday-Thursday: 4PM - 8PM 

 (11-14 years old 4PM - 6PM)           (15-18 years old 6PM - 8PM)

Friday: 6PM - 9PM

Every 3rd Saturday: 12PM - 3PM    (Community Day)

June 21 - September 7

Monday-Friday: 12PM - 6PM

(11-14 years old 12PM - 3PM)          (15-18 years old 3PM - 6PM)

Every 3rd Saturday: 12PM - 3PM    (Community Day)

We envision a future in which youth and young adults have equitable access to educational opportunities that will enable them to become successful community-minded adults, regardless of circumstance. At Agape Lounge we aim to supply a safe, well supervised and inclusive environment dedicated to ensure youth can acquire skills and develop relationships with positive role models. Our vision is to provide our youth with opportunities to experience activities that broaden their knowledge, enhance their self esteem and strengthen their commitments to our community. 

About the Lounge

The Place Where Love Resides.

Agape Lounge Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non for profit organization, incorporated in the state of New York.  It was founded in 2020 by Cassaundra Richardson because she realized that many dangers and challenges faced inner-city youth during their after-school hours. With that knowledge the Agape Lounge  Drop-in program was established to provide an alternative to spending this time unsupervised.

We offer a home away from home where children can participate in fun, educational and safe activities. 

Activities include, but are not limited to: 
Age-Appropriate Mentoring
Arts and Crafts
Baking and Cooking
Computer and Financial Literacy Programs
Music Lessons
Recreational Games
Agape Lounge also supplies youth with hot meals, hygiene supplies and access to a washer and dryer for their laundry.
Hours & Operation
About the Lounge
Mission & Vision
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